OTeam Requirements

Students who are interested in applying for Penn State’s OTeam must meet the following requirements:

  • be a current full-time undergraduate student who plans to be enrolled at University Park in fall 2019
  • obtain at least 24 credits by the end of spring 2019
  • have maintained a 2.5 or higher GPA
  • be in good disciplinary standing with the University
  • pass a background check

OTeam Selection Process

Welcome Crew Application Process

Recruitment and selection of Penn State’s Welcome Crew takes place each Spring semester. Interested students apply and participate in selection in January and February to allow for training to take place later in the spring semester or early in the summer.

Interested students should:

OTeam Commitments

Welcome Crew

Part of deciding to apply to be a member of the OTeam is knowing what is required of you. We’ll cover this information in person, but to help you plan please note that there are two positions within the Welcome Crew. Based on your interest and successful application,  you should generally be prepared for the following (more specific details about each position can be found by clicking on the page links below):

NSO Check-In and Welcome Week

  • attend weekly trainings and meetings to prepare for NSO and Fall Welcome Week (2 hours/week starting after spring break, up until the first NSO program)
  •  be available for New Student Orientation May 2019-August 2019 (including weekends).

NSO Check-In Only

  •  be available for New Student Orientation May 2019-August 2019 (including weekends).